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Dear visitors of our website taberne.group!

We welcome you with our hospitable team, with whom we have been working since 2004, and in 2019 we met you in Georgia with a sign GT&T Georgian Travel and Tours.

Unfortunately, we had to change the name, as there were a lot of GTT followers. We were often confused, and others took our merits.

I hope TABERNE will only multiply all the good things that happened before and justify the confidence in organizing your vacation in Georgia.

Our team became TABERNE at the beginning of 2020. We were ready to meet you. But the world has closed!

We wasted no time, we worked on ourselves and on our services to break into 2021 with the new cool energy of TABERNE!

Those who are already familiar with us, our entire team greets you with a warm welcome in Georgia. Whoever comes to us for the first time, we, as it should be in Georgia, will meet you, as good old guests we will open our hearts and our Georgia for you!

Waiting for you. TABERNE GROUP



Georgia. One can speak of a small Caucasian country with great respect and in exclamation forms.

For those who have already been to Georgia, these are pleasant unforgettable memories, and for those who are just planning to come here, these are pleasant moments of anticipation of something very special!

And absolutely everything is special in Georgia: from the distinctively delicious aromas of the national cuisine, from the mystery and enigma of ancient temples, from the beauty and diversity of nature with its different shades of green, red, blue … to the refined hospitality of this ancient people!

And if you go to Georgia, then only to US! Who we are and why to us, read here >>>

Georgia – this word evokes many pleasant memories, associations! This word attracts like a magnet. And even when you look at the photographs of Georgia, there is only one urge – to pack your bags and organize a trip. And it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to Georgia: one, ten, hundreds! You will still mentally come back here again and again, and sooner or later you will still buy a ticket….

By the way, about the ticket! We have special fares for flights Ukraine – Georgia >>>>>

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Conditions of entry to Georgia – here >>>>

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And if you have ever been to this country, it is unreal that you are not expected here …

Having met a guest for the first time in Georgia, we stay in touch for many, many years! And we meet our guest no worse than the most dear and close people!

But if you are told that it is dangerous to go to Georgia, it is true !!! Yes! It’s true! The danger is there. There is a danger of falling head over heels in love with this country, its nature, landscapes, its colors and even this unpredictable change of mood in the weather, its hospitality.


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