1 700 m

Height above sea level

1 879 people


humid subtropical




Why Bakuriani?

Why? Firstly, Bakuriani is a sunny resort, because the number of sunny days here is over 210 days a year. Secondly, in the place where the resort is located, less than 800 millimeters of precipitation falls annually. Therefore, local summers are a little cool (on average up to 15° Celsius), and winters are relatively warm (up to – 7° Celsius). Thirdly, the resort of Bakuriani is located at an altitude of over 1700 meters above sea level, on the picturesque northern slope of the Trialeti Range, close to Borjomi.

In addition to all the other advantages of this wonderful resort, Bakuriani is also the best ski resort in Georgia. The resort of Bakuriani is well equipped for those who like to ski in the winter – numerous ski lifts, rental shops, several good hotels and much more. And what a beautiful nature here! In our opinion, you should definitely come here to look at this beauty. Majestic mountains covered with snow-white snow, numerous green firs and pines united in huge forests and glades. The beauty of the Bakuriani resort cannot be described in words!

In addition, this resort, one might say, has an “advantageous geographical position” in relation to many large settlements and airports in Georgia. So, for example, from the largest airport of the Georgian capital Tbilisi to the resort of Bakuriani, the distance is 190 kilometers, which can be overcome in a couple of hours by car.


The flight is carried out from Tbilisi. Arrival in Bakuriani is possible from Tbilisi within 2 hours. Travelers driving their own car or minibus at the resort Before departure, proof of vaccination against COVID-19


Holidays in Bakuriani are inexpensive compared to other resorts. Low-budget holidays can be found in family hotels. In addition, renting an apartment is a good option for creating a comfortable environment. New Year's and Christmas days prices are relatively high. Prices for products are normal as in the capital.


Accommodation in the resort is possible in boarding houses, private rental houses and, of course, hotels. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Bakuriani Ski Resort
Cable car Didveli
Tip Top-Trip



The region has several restaurants, taverns and bars, tennis courts and a library, a club and a cinema. But this modesty is compensated by the surrounding sightseeing tours of the most picturesque and rich natural beauties.


A taxi from the Didube metro station in Tbilisi to the doorstep of a hotel in Bakuriani costs an average of 165-200 lari (GEL). The train can only be traveled with a transfer. That is, in Tbilisi we take the train to Borjomi, there we transfer to the train to Bakuriani. The train runs 2 times a day. If you are late, you can take a taxi to Borjomi. It will cost about 30 GEL.


Basically, all slopes are located on Mount Kokhta (2200 m). The summit "Didveli", adjacent to the "Kokhta", is in the process of development. "Kokhta" has 2 popular among experienced skiers: "Kokhta-1" with a length of 1.5 km, and "Kokhta-2", with a length of 3 km.