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1 184 818 people


humid subtropical


455 years ago


Why Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is the most important city – the heart of small but great Georgia. And it’s not just a beautiful city! Tbilisi – This is a “warm” city in all respects. Do you know that even the ancient name of the city is Tiflis (until 1936) and is translated from Georgian as “warm spring”. It was from the legend of the found hot spring that the history of Tbilisi began.

Tbilisi is a multifaceted city: here narrow old cozy streets coexist with wide modern avenues, buildings in the neo-style of new Georgian architecture step on ancient monasteries and temples, and ancient souvenir shops and centuries-old wine shops with marani (wine cellars) are neighbors of ultra-modern cafes and restaurants and bars.


Direct flights to Tbilisi. Travel restrictions apply for this region Before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


15 € (Open Currency Converter Error: No number supplied for conversion lari) – the minimum budget for a day in Tbilisi. This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount is equal to two lunches in inexpensive cafes).


Finding a good accommodation or hotel, if you don’t know the city at all, is not so easy. I want it to be as close as possible to the metro and the main attractions, inexpensive and at the same time of high quality. We analyzed Tbilisi hotels and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Mount Mtatsminda
Rustaveli Avenue
The Bridge of Peace
Academic theater named after K. Marjanishvili.



It is impossible to stay hungry in Georgia! The food here is delicious and satisfying, literally at every step and at very affordable prices. Many residents of Tbilisi periodically go to restaurants to taste their favorite khinkali. An interesting fact is that in different regions of Georgia, a dish with the same name can have a different look and shape, as happened with khachapuri. In Tbilisi, you can find many restaurants, including chains, with an extensive menu offering the whole variety of Georgian dishes.


Ground transport in Tbilisi is represented by buses and minibuses. The fare on the bus costs 0.5 lari (~0.17$), in the minibus -0.8 lari (~0.28$). In Tbilisi, the metro system is represented by two branches. Directions - on the same city transport maps. The cost is 0.5 lari. By metro, you can get to different parts of the city, including the most remote ones. Recently, residents of Tbilisi use the services of taxi companies through applications on their mobile phones.


Now there are many different shopping and entertainment centers in Tbilisi, as well as clothing and technical markets of almost any orientation. In recent years, Georgian clothing and accessories designers have become quite famous and popular both on the global fashion scene and within the country. Many designers have their own shops where you can buy their products.