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Cave Vardzia, Rabat fortress and Borjomi

11 hours
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bus - walking


Cave Vardzia and Rabat fortress. If you have one free day or you decide to spend your vacation in Borjomi or another place close to the region, you are very fond of historical monuments and views of ancient fortresses and cave cities – you definitely need to go here!

This excursion is for those who want to get in touch with the historical heritage of Georgia, breathe in the dust of centuries, see the non-touristy surroundings of Georgia and enjoy the beauty of the Borjomi Gorge.

In our program: the cave city of Vardzia, the restored Rabat fortress – a symbol of modern multinational and hospitable Georgia, the Vanis-Kvabebi temple (Vani’s Caves) and the Khertvisi fortress (optional), the suspension bridge on Kura and the road to the Borjomi gorge with the famous Borjomi spring …


Accompanied service

We will walk a lot in the program We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing for the weather and season We visit holy places - it is better to provide a headdress


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Vardzia cave city, Rabat fortress, Vanis Caves temple (recommended), Khertvisi fortress (optional), Kura suspension bridge and road to Borjomi gorge.

In our excursion – acquaintance with a completely different Georgia. Our path is completely non-touristy and without advertising brochures. There are no tourist spots along the road, only small, poor villages along the road remind of the civilization around.

But our way is in the heart of Georgia itself – to its historical centers, the city of Vardzia, the Rabat fortress. And to be not far from Borjomi, how can you not look here too!

This program can be an alternative to visiting Gori and Upletsikhe, but the beauty of the nature of Borjomi and its surroundings will certainly culminate. Having breathed the air of thousands of years, having touched the historical heritage, you will definitely want to breathe the freshness of Borjomi Park and drink the most famous water from the famous spring familiar to all of us from childhood – Borjomi!


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