Kakheti: with love and faith

11 hours
Tour Type:
bus - walking
Group size:
18 people


The Kakheti region attracts the attention of tourists with beautiful landscapes of valleys and mountains, aromatic wines, delicious cheeses and kebabs, ancient temples and monasteries, national customs and traditions.

And we go to Kakheti with an emphasis on love and faith. But Kakheti, like the rest of Georgia, is love and faith itself. Love is felt here in everything: love for the native land, love for people, for traditions.

And the highlight of this region of Georgia is the city of Sighnaghi – the city of love. We will take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy the facades of the old center, take wonderful photos from the fortress wall

The excursion will also include Christian shrines: we will visit the monastery and episcopal complex of St. George – the Bodbe convent, where the Basilica of St. Nino is located, and after going down to its miraculous source, you can make a wish that will surely come true (walk 30 minutes).

And be sure to visit a winery with tasting of Georgian wines and brandy. A delicious lunch in a wonderful restaurant with a panoramic view of the Alazani Valley will give our tour a special atmosphere of love and faith, and faith in love, in love from the first acquaintance with Kakheti!



09:00 at the Kopala Rike hotel (Europe Square) or from Avlabar Square (by agreement: your accommodation facilities)

10: 00-11: 30 KTW Winery

12: 00-12: 30 Badiauri

13: 10-14: 30 Bodbe. excursion to the Bodbe monastery, with a visit to the cell of the repose of the incorruptible Holy Relics of St. Nino

14:45-17:00 Сигнаги. Обед в видовом ресторане на Алазанскую долину с мастер-классами

19:00 Tbilisi

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In this excursion to Kakheti, we place a special emphasis on eternal values: love and faith.

In Georgia, love is in the air: love for everyone, love for everything and faith in everything. And this is not a compliment – this is an axiom that no Georgian, no guest, no one can argue with.

Today is our way to Kakheti. It will be an eventful program to the eastern region of Georgia, to the most wine corner, famous for vineyards, barbecue, cheese and churchella. On our way today – the sunny Alazani Valley, the ancient monastery of Bodbe soaring above it, the Italian streets of Sighnaghi, a long fortress wall, the taste of Georgian dishes and, of course, wine.

Get ready to admire, listen, try and take a lot of pictures!

The city of love – Sighnaghi with a unique city wall, included by UNESCO in the list of the material cultural heritage of the World, the monastery of St. Nina Equal to the Apostles in Bodbe.

And the highlight of the tour is the KTW winery – tasting of Georgian elite wines and aged brandy, a master class on baking Kakhetian bread Shoti, tasting of Kakhetian hard cheeses and homemade chacha.


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