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Martvili: the beauty of ancient Colchis

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Our excursion to one of the amazing and mysterious regions of Georgia – Samegrelo – the land of waterfalls, mountain rivers and lakes, hot springs, unexplored caves, narrow picturesque canyons, ancient temples and fortresses.

Waiting for you: Martvili canyon – one of the wonders of Georgia – TOP visited locations (optional: boating along the canyon) – Nokalakevi fortress (overview) – royal baths and hot sulfur springs Nokalakevi.

Visit and inspection of the wine cellar, wine tasting and dinner. Acquaintance with the life of the Megrelian hospitable hosts.

Martvili canyon – TOP of the TOP sightseeing attractions in Georgia. And it is also an amazing, beautiful and lost in time, the most mysterious region of Georgia – Samegrelo – the land of waterfalls, mountain rivers and lakes, hot springs, unexplored caves, narrow picturesque canyons, ancient temples and fortresses and delicious Megrelian cuisine.

An interesting and rich program. And most importantly, we will see the amazing and lost in time Martvili canyon, ride boats in its very heart along the Abashi river, visit the ancient temple and fortress.

And a bonus from our company is swimming in any weather – after all, we are near hot springs: we will steam in hot springs and cool off in a mountain river.

And also a hospitable feast from the welcoming Mingrelians.

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Accompanied service

Additional costs: boat ride (optional): 17 GEL about $ 5 Recommendations: Comfortable shoes and sunscreen Swimming in the summer season: bathing accessories


08:50 We are going to the parking lot at the Aqualand hotel. On the way, gathering tourists from their accommodation (Batumi).

09:20 We collect participants from the cable car "Argo" and from the Sanapiro hotel On the way from Batumi through picturesque Adjara and Guria to Martvili (2.5 hours) we pick up those who wish from Kobuleti, Chakvi and the suburbs

10:30 stop in Poti, an hour later, for morning coffee (paid additionally) and rest

12:00 - the goal of our excursion is a unique, TOP of the TOP 10 - MARTVIL CANYON. In addition to exploring the canyon, we will go boating along the river. Abashi in the rift of ancient times, enjoying the coolness and striking beauty of the places where dinosaurs once stepped (1 hour)

13:20 We will go to one of the oldest Christian churches (8-10 min. Road). After seeing the beauty of Her Majesty Nature, it's time to think about the spiritual, learn and know the history of the region (30 min.)

14:00 And after spiritual food - it's time to have lunch. Delicious Megrelian dishes of Georgian cuisine are waiting for you. (1 hour)

15:30 We will admire the hot springs: pristine nature, clean air and, of course, thermal springs will help to rejuvenate

From 17:00 we begin to organize ourselves on the way back to Batumi (in winter, swimming is limited due to this, the return is 1-1.5 earlier)

Special offer


Full day excursion to Martvili canyon, hot springs, ruins of Nokalakevi and dinner with wine tasting.

Martvili canyon is a unique natural landmark and pride of Georgia. If you ask any Georgian advice: what to see interesting in Georgia? Of the TOP 5 attractions, the first positions will be – Martvili canyon and the promise that this is indescribable beauty. And it is true.

Near the town of Martvili, the fast mountain river Abasha (another name for the Abasha canyon) has carved this miracle of nature for many centuries, making a corridor through limestone rocks. Over millions of years, the Dragon Canyon (which really were here at that time), the waterfalls and rapids that we see and admire today, formed.

Well, at present, people have turned this natural location into an object for mass visits and one of the TOP sights of Georgia.

We will walk the upper canyons on inflatable boats 300 meters deep into the canyon. And we will walk the lower canyon, where there is a 700 m long tourist trail with several observation platforms to look at this miracle from a height.

There are restrictions: children up to 1 meter tall will not be able to ride boats, but you can only admire the canyon from a height if accompanied by adults.

Next, we will visit Nakalakevi, where we will see the perfectly preserved citadel of the 2nd century. with secret passages, we will visit the Martvili monastery.

But what about without the “zest” of the program? So, the road to the “hot springs” makes no less impression than the springs themselves: a dirt road, knocked out in the slope of the mountain, high above the gorge, along the bottom of which a mountain river flows. Well, the hot spring near the mountain river is a real natural sauna on the rocky bank overlooking the wooded mountains.

The price includes: entrance tickets to Martvili canyon, wine tasting, lunch


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