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Night lights of eternal Tbilisi

3-4 hours
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18 people


Walk in the evening Tbilisi and sightseeing of the main sights of the city center, photo sessions of the evening city on the best viewing platforms.

Our way from the central Svoboda square (Pushkin square) to the European square. But this path runs through the brightest and most colorful sights of the capital with mesmerizing views of observation platforms and an overview of the entire city. We will climb the cable car to the most iconic place for all Tbilisi residents – the symbol of the city and the symbol of eternal Tbilisi – the Narikala fortress, take a walk, take pictures.

We will go down along the fortress wall and walk along the medieval streets of the city. The Indira Gorge will greet us with magnificent illumination of old buildings. We will admire the waterfall and learn about the sulfur baths. Our tour will end at the European Square, and whoever wishes, we can continue with a glass of wine at wine tastings or a boat trip along the Kura River to admire the city from a new perspective.



18:00 Freedom Square (Pushkin Square)

18: 55-19: 00 Gabriadze Theater

20:00 Narikala Fortress

20:30 Fig gorge

21:00 Europe Square

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Each city is beautiful in its own way and beautiful in different ways at different times of the day. The evening city is even more impressive. We propose to look at Tbilisi in the rays of the setting sun. At dusk, the city transforms, a special attraction appears, the colors of the evening city begin to play in a new way. Inexplicable attractiveness, magic of evening lights and reflections of the architecture of buildings in the river. Kura creates a different mood, more romantic.

We will take a walk around the evening city, admire the approaching twilight, look at it from a height, take pictures of Tiflis carved balconies, illuminated by a soft lantern light, and dream a little …

The stories and legends told by the guide have been and fables will acquire new meaning. You can continue our meeting with a glass at the tastings or a boat cruise on the river.

We hope that Tbilisi will become your friend on our excursion. We will do everything to make this city welcome you as the most dear guest. This city will feed you tasty and a lot, intoxicate you with Georgian wine. He will hospitably welcome you with his entire large family, cover traditional Georgian feasts and load full bags of gifts on the road. You will look at photos and remember for a long time. You will rejoice at hearing the soulful Georgian songs, and on your holidays you will repeat the toasts heard here in Georgia. Even after you leave, this city will not leave you: after all, cordiality and hospitality knows no boundaries.


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