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Parks and beaches in the vicinity of Batumi

5 hours
Tour Type:
bus - walking
Group size:
18 people


If you think that rest in Adjara and Batumi is just a beach, then you are mistaken! Beach vacation in Batumi is far from the main thing if you decide to spend your weekend or vacation in Adjara.

Yes, you can really relax here by the sea: the climate of Adjara allows you to bask in the sun and swim all summer and most of autumn. But, if you decide to go to Adjara, then we will recommend you to visit the most interesting and, one might say, unique parks and beaches in the vicinity of Batumi.

In our program:

A unique music park, where in the shade of trees we will hear HITS of the most popular performers and composers of different eras and different countries.

A miniature park, where, in a small area, we will get acquainted with the most interesting sights of all Georgia, made to scale.

The newest, opened in 2020. Dendrological park in Shekvetili, where more than 150 unique tree species are collected on an area of ​​60 hectares, there is a small lake and 58 species of birds live – from parrots to pink flamingos.

And we will also see a unique beach with black magnetic sand in the vicinity of Ureki and even hold a small picnic here.

Recommended for children 5+. Provide sun hats, sunscreens. Comfortable shoes. Photo camera and cameras.


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Adjara! By right, the most beautiful and most unique region of Georgia. After all, there is everything for a wonderful holiday: high mountains covered with ancient forests, the Black Sea itself, beautiful gorges with mountain rivers and waterfalls, delicious cuisine and wine! You can list and list! Adjara is the soul of Georgia.

In our excursion, we want to show not only the beauty of Adjara: there are beautiful parks and unique beaches very close to Batumi.

We want to acquaint you with parks already known far beyond the borders of Georgia.

In a programme:

A park-museum of miniatures, where all the TOP objects from all over Georgia are collected in a small area. And even if you have not been to other regions of Georgia yet.

Music Park: the most famous musicians, actors, performers, musicians of all ages and many countries are represented in the shade of the trees. Approaching the sculptures, we will hear their world famous compositions.

And you have not heard that in 2020. another unique one was opened in Georgia – the Dendrological Park, where more than 150 unique species of trees are collected on an area of ​​60 hectares, there is a small lake and 58 species of birds live – from parrots to pink flamingos.

The Shekvetili Dendrological Park, with its scale, unique and diverse collection of plants, the best conditions for learning about biodiversity and original plantings, completely stands out not only on the Black Sea coast, but throughout the entire region. to get complete information about the plant, special banners are installed here. Along with a unique collection of plants, the park is home to 58 bird species from all over the world.

And in our program we will get acquainted with a unique beach, which has no analogues. Yes, there are similar gray and black sands on the beaches, but with a completely different sand composition. We will visit the beaches of Ureki.

Well, and a pleasant bonus from our company after swimming in the sea (if the season and the weather permits) – to relax at the most, that is, a picnic with a glass of natural Georgian wine.


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