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Mountain landscapes of Racha and Khvanchkara wine (individual)

3 days
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combi: car-walking
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Each city in Georgia is interesting in its own way. When you walk along the streets of Tbilisi and want beauty and tranquility, we invite you to the unique region of Racha – a unique mountainous region of Georgia in many respects.

Many Georgians have not been to this most beautiful region of the country, lost in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, where alpine meadows stretch for hundreds of kilometers, where fast rivers take down everything in their path, where the very grapes grow, from which the pride of the Georgian winemakers Khvanchkara is obtained!
Racha – yes, this is that genuine pristine Georgian “Switzerland”, but without any artificial marathon for tourists.
Racha – these are the most beautiful views of the Greater Caucasus, these are fast mountain rivers with beautiful waterfalls, caves, this is about wine, about toasts and conversations with hospitable people of Racha, who will tell you how many legends and anecdotes about Rachin people with a glass of the famous Khvanchkara!
And for the first time our company opens this region for tourists!
Every Friday for 1-3 days visit the Rachin people! Continue the tour, you can return to Tbilisi or move to Batumi
Join us!
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Accompanied service

Master class of Rachin dishes for those who do not want a hiking trekking tour Optional excursion programs day 2 Continue the tour program 2 options: return to Tbilisi or Batumi


Day 1 Departure 08:00 from Tbilisi (via Mtskheta, Zestafoni, Terrjola, Tkibuli) or from Batumi via Kutaisi

1. Optional: trekking Tkibuli - Nakerala 2 hours (not difficult, there is a slight elevation difference)

2. Photo on the Nakerala pass on the observation deck overlooking Imereti Photo and check-in on Lake Shaori

3. Acquaintance with the village of Nikortsminda

4. Lunch "Visiting Rachintsy 13:00 - 14:00

5. Trekking 3-3.5 km: Cave - Shareula river valley - Chelishi monastery complex - Tkhmori waterfall

6. Wine tasting

Day 2. Breakfast. Free day or optional excursion programs

1. Trekking up to 5 km in the canyon of the Krehula river, beach rest on the Krihula river

2. Excursion tour to Verkhnyaya Racha: Tsesi village - Barokoni - fortresses - Oni town - Utsera resort - Shovi resort

3. Trekking Tskhva Jvari up to 5 km: beautiful walking tour

4. Alcotour in the wine cellars of the region

Day 3. Breakfast Sightseeing tour of Ambrolauri. Short trekking 1-2 km to the waterfall in Znakva

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Today you will travel to the extraordinary and unique in all respects – the mountainous region of Georgia – Racha.

What is fascinating here? Winding mountains, snow-capped gray peaks of the Greater Caucasus Range, purest mountain rivers and powerful falling waterfalls, numerous forests with mushrooms and berries, natural miraculous caves, passes, alpine meadows, beautiful gorges of mountain rivers, reservoirs and lakes.

And here are the most delicious little-known lobiani, lobio and Lori ham! The well-known Khvanchkara wine is born here, in Racha!

You can talk for a long time, but we suggest that once you see it, you will forever fall in love with this region.

Through the most beautiful serpentine mountain pass Nakerala (1218 m.), Leaving the Imereti region, we are in mountain Racha. Along the picturesque Lake Shaori with a “check-in point” in Racha, we head to the village of Nikortsminda. And we will begin our acquaintance with this village with a visit to the pearl of Georgian architecture of the golden era – the Nikortsminda Church of the XI century.

Next, we have the most beautiful sights of the region: an easy hike along the course of the mountain river. Shareula (tributary of the Rioni), which originates from Lake Shaori, you will walk to the monastery complex of Chelishi in Udabno. And then the most beautiful waterfall in the village of Tkhmori

After the hike, a wine tasting awaits you: we are in the Khvanchkara wine micro-zone and must definitely try one of the exclusive wines in Georgia. You will visit the Bugeuli distillery in the village of Khvanchkara and taste wines: the famous semi-sweet Khvanchkara and the very rare white wine Tetra.

The cost includes Additionally paid:

hotel accommodation in Racha 3 * – personal expenses
Guide service according to the program – optional programs day 2
Transport service according to the program
meals according to the program
Excursions according to the program
Wine tasting according to the program

Schedule and timing of moving 1 day: 08:00 – 11:30 Tbilisi – Nikortsminda (with a stop)


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