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TO THE SOURCES OF SAKARTVELO and SOURCES: Tbilisi – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Borjomi

10 hours
Tour Type:
bus - walking
Group size:
18 people


If you have already managed to get tired of Tbilisi or come to Georgia not for the first time, want to watch something interesting and new, for the first acquaintance with Georgia we invite you to visit places of power, places of valor, places of memory and incredible nature of the most famous resort, the water of which known all over the world – Borjomi.

Leaving behind the bustling Tbilisi, bypassing Mtskheta, our way to the Borjomi Gorge to the city of Borjomi. On the way, we will stop in Gori, the most fruitful region of the country. But this region is famous, first of all, for the fact that the leader and father of nations – Joseph Stalin was born here.

Next, we will show one of the most picturesque corners of Georgia and one of the most significant for understanding the culture of the country – the Uplistsikhe cave complex. We will turn to the sources of Sakartvelo in the cave city of Uplistsikhe.

Next, we will compete with you! The culmination of our program is Borjomi – a small resort town known throughout the world for its famous water! This is a green paradise: on our way there are incredibly beautiful views of the wooded mountains of the Borjomi gorge, we will admire the waterfall in the Borjomi city park, hear about the Georgian Prometheus and, of course, taste the most original water of Borjomi. Well, the best view of Borjomi for your photos for a long memory!


Accompanied service

Lunch at the restaurant add. (30-40 lari - 8-10 dollars) We walk a lot - comfortable shoes and clothes for the season and weather. We visit holy places - it is better to provide a headdress

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Our excursion to the sources of Sokartvelo and springs is an opportunity to see the most diverse natural and man-made sights of Georgia in one day.

This excursion will be interesting both for children and adults, for those who love history and archeology, and for those who are attracted by simply beautiful landscapes, nature and panoramic views for beautiful photos.

Early departure from Tbilisi and in a couple of minutes we pass Ancient Mtskheta, going deep into the center of the country. The first stop is the city of Gori, a modern town in Georgia, famous primarily for the fact that being the homeland of the “father of all peoples”, here is preserved what is being destroyed in many cities and countries of the post-Soviet heritage. But you cannot erase the pages from the history. Acquaintance with the house-museum of Joseph Stalin and the museum object – Stalin’s personal armored car, in which he traveled to the Yalta, Tehran and Potsdam conferences.

Gori is also interesting because 12 km away is one of the most iconic sights of Georgia – the Uplistsikhe Cave City, which occupies a special place both in the history of the country and among the sights of Georgia.

What is the uniqueness of this attraction? First of all, there are not so many such cave cities in the world. An interesting fact is that this cave city has a 3000-year history and was abandoned in the 19th century. This is how long people lived here. And so now the Uplistsikhe caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Uplistsikhe, you will find yourself in one of the oldest monuments in the World, which has existed for more than 2000 years. Enjoy magnificent views of the Kura River Valley and set out to explore the city carved into the rocks. Numerous temples, houses, streets and squares of the cave city await you, as well as the reception hall of Queen Tamara with arched niches and huge pylons. All these places will help you learn the history of pre-Christian Georgia, when Uplistsikhe was the center of a pagan cult.

Further, our route lies in the green kingdom of Georgia – the kingdom of the pristine forest, mountain peaks with a ski resort, the kingdom of waterfalls and natural springs, among which Borjomi occupies a special place! We’re going to boar!

Borjomi! Having arrived here for just a few hours, you become a hostage of this beauty and purity! You will be fascinated by the beauty of the local nature. Let’s start with a walk in the National Park of the world famous balneological resort of Borjomi, and, of course, try raw water right from the pump room.

We also visit the cell of St. Seraphim of Sarovskiy and climb to the ski resort (in summer – a wonderful climatic) Bakuriani resort.

And a bonus from our company is the opportunity (optionally) to ride on the legendary train Cuckoo.

Join us! The excursion is very rich, informative and very beautiful! And, like all our excursions, seasoned with a delicious lunch in duo with Georgian wine!


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