Tour to Svaneti from Tbilisi

3 days
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tour program from Tbilisi


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Accompanied service

The price includes:
2 nights accommodation in Mestia on the basis of breakfast;
Services of a professional guide for the program;
Transport services according to the program;
Entrance fees to “Daiani”.
The price does not include:
Meals according to the program;
Personal expenses;
Tipping the guide.


Day 1. Tbilisi-Zugdidi-Mestia

Day 2. Mestia-Ushguli-Mestia

Day 3. Mestia-Tbilisi

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Day 1. Tbilisi-Zugdidi-Mestia

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer from Tbilisi to Mestia. On the way, stop in Zugdidi and visit the Dadiani Palace Museum. The residence of Megrelian rulers from the Dadiani family. The main asset of the museum is the death mask of Napoleon, made of bronze after the death of the great emperor. In total, three such masks were made – one of them is in a private collection, the second is kept in the Misericordia church on the island of Elba, and the third went to Georgia from the descendants of Murat, who for some time owned the Dadiani Palace.

Check-in at the hotel in Mestia.

Overnight in Mestia.

Day 2. Mestia-Ushguli-Mestia

Breakfast in the hotel.

Sightseeing tour of Mestia. The village of Mestia is surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains, which are covered with snow all year round. With their peaks, the mountains seem to touch the heavens; this spectacle attracts tourists. There are five ski resorts in Georgia, one of the youngest is Tetnuldi in Mestia. The Svan towers are a monument of history and architecture. In the 11th-12th centuries, the Svans built strong stone towers in the shape of a quadrangle to protect their settlements from enemies. The museum of history and ethnography is the keeper of real treasures. Its fund contains more than 200 thousand exhibits: unique icons, manuscripts saved during enemy invasions, archaeological excavations, etc.

Jeep tour in Ushguli. Ushguli is the highest settlement in Europe (2200m). Unlike other residents of Georgia, the Svans (an ethnic group living in Ushguli) are not farmers, they do not grow grapes. Noisy feasts with flowing wine are not an element of Svan culture. Highlanders are noble hunters and herders, living modestly and ascetically. The mountains do not like fuss, so everything is concise there. The Svans living in the mountains are faithful to 1000-year-old traditions, the harsh canons of life. Ushguli is the only community that has never been conquered.

Return to Mestia.

Overnight at the hotel in Mestia.

Day 3. Mestia-Tbilisi

Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer to Tbilisi.


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