29,000 km²

total area

401 420 people


humid subtropical




Why Adjara?

The Autonomous Republic of Adjara is one of the regions of Georgia, located in the south-west of the country. The area of ​​autonomy is 2.9 thousand square meters. km, the population is about 400 thousand people. At the same time, half of the inhabitants of the region live in the capital Batumi – about 200 thousand people.

Sunny Adjara is a very popular tourist destination. This is a magnificent picturesque corner where the mountains and the sea converge. The height of the Adjara Mountains ranges from 2 to 3.5 thousand meters above sea level.

The seaside part of Adjara boasts a warm and humid subtropical climate. At the end of spring, when there is still snow in the mountains of Adjara, the weather is already warm on the Black Sea coast. This provides a unique opportunity to ski and swim in the sea for one day.

But Adjara is ambivalent not only in terms of climate. The region is located at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures, Christianity and Islam. This is reflected in the incredible mixture of architectural styles, folklore, everyday customs, and gastronomic traditions. Adjara is a real kaleidoscope, in which many contrasting elements add up to an incredible dizzying cocktail of impressions and vivid emotions.


Batumi International Airport with a modern terminal provides high-quality service for airliners of any type. Travel restrictions apply for this region Before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Establishments where every tourist can eat deliciously are found literally at every step. Food prices in Adjara are acceptable and comparable to the prices of all Black Sea resorts in Georgia. In this city, there are many fashionable restaurants, as well as various cafes with a very democratic cost of dishes.


Finding a good accommodation or hotel, if you don’t know the city at all, is not so easy. I want it to be as close as possible to the metro and the main attractions, inexpensive and at the same time of high quality. We analyzed the hotels of Adjara and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Miracle Park
Ureki beach
Kobuleti Beach
Waterfall and Monument to St. Andrew the First-Called



Adjarian cuisine is in many ways similar to the rest of Georgian cuisine, but it is distinguished by less use of pepper. Almost all Adjarian dishes are not spicy, which, as a rule, is very popular with tourists. The most famous dish is certainly “Acharuli Khachapuri”. January 2019 it was officially recognized as a monument of the intangible cultural heritage of Georgia. This khachapuri-boat with a raw egg is known all over the world, in 2018 the reputable American consulting company Af&Co named acharuli the “Dish of the Year”.


Public transport in Adjara, as well as transport in Tbilisi, is represented by 2 types: large comfortable buses and minibuses, which are called "minibuses". How they differ is described below, and we will consider one of these differences now - the payment method. So, in minibuses, the passenger pays for the fare only in cash to the driver. In buses - only with a special transport card, we will tell you more about it.


In Batumi and other resort cities of Adjara, there are a large number of shops where you can buy both locally produced food and manufactured goods. In the central part of Batumi you will find a large number of souvenir shops. Along the beaches in the Adzharian resorts, you will often find layouts of local artisans where they sell their products. For the most part, these are decorations made of shells or stone, but you can also find objects carved from wood.