11,310 km²

total area

310,051 people


humid subtropical




Why Kakheti?

Everyone likes Kakheti, but everyone opens it differently?
Reputable businessmen, couples in love, mothers with children, teenagers in headphones… It’s all you, my tourists and guests. So different, but equally tired of the hustle and bustle, sad news. At home, worries and deeds await you, you need to run somewhere and decide something. But that’s all – somewhere out there.
And now you are driving along a mountain road to Kakheti, the sun is rising higher, the driver is quietly singing his favorite songs under his breath. I start to tell and understand that each of you will return from a trip a little different. Because Kakheti is about the soul.
You will ascend to the Bodbe Monastery, where St. Nino, the Christian Enlightener of Georgia, rests. There is a special prayerful atmosphere here: temples, shrines, a healing spring … It is quiet, calm, very green and cozy here. People come here with their prayers and hopes, bring their joy and pain, restore their spiritual strength. Because Kakheti is about love.
You will walk along the winding streets of the city of Sighnaghi, admire the architecture (something similar to Italian) and amazing nature. How is “Million-million-million scarlet roses” related to this place? What attracts romantics from all over the world here? Why is it called the “City of Love”? Here you will find many new discoveries. Because Kakheti is about wine.
Tart, red, white, sweet, dry, different… You will see real vineyards, get acquainted with the unique method of wine production, visit one of the best wineries in the country – Kindzmarauli. Participate in a tasting and perhaps take home a piece of sunny Georgia in bottle glass.
Because Kakheti is about people. You will visit a local farm where you will have a whole feast – with traditional food, homemade wine, toasts and songs. And you are no longer just tourists: you are dear guests who came from afar, grandchildren who visited their grandmother, you feel good, tasty, warm and fun. You are at home.
Because Kakheti is about each of us.


The flight is carried out to the nearest airport in Georgia. You can get to Kakheti from the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi by car or fixed-route taxi. Also, before sending, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Housing in Kakheti is quite affordable and is very popular among vacationers. Naturally, the prices for accommodation in housing in Kakheti depend on many factors, such as distance from the sea, level of service, season.


There are hotels to choose from, though mostly not classified by typical "stars", and many guest houses and villas. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Temple of St. Nina
Ikalto Monastery
Lavra David-Gareji
Bodbe Park



The most popular dish here is meat khashlama and simple rural cuisine, but you can also try other famous Georgian dishes. It is worth knowing that there is practically no fast food here, because Georgians respect the culture of eating, preferring to turn dinner into a real feast with plenty of toasts and emotional conversations. And if you get to Kakheti in August-September, then look at the Georgian holidays: grapes are harvested in the region and multiple entertainments are organized on this occasion


How to get around Kakheti? Inside the cities, mostly on foot, since the cities of the region are quite small. You can travel between cities by the same fixed-route taxis, however, they do not get to all the interesting places in the region, and therefore, if you want to visit exactly those corners where minibuses do not go, you will either have to take a taxi or rent a car - with or without a driver .


There are practically no large shopping centers in this calm region, and the settlements themselves are mostly not large. However, who said that shopping is only high fashion and walks in huge shopping centers? When leaving any country, you always first of all think about what to take with you as a keepsake of it, and you can take enough souvenirs from Kakheti, from its many small shops and even from your hands: first of all - of course, wine: after all, the best wines of the country are produced in the region; wool products made by locals; spices and sauces; and, of course, many memories and photographs.