1.368 km²

total area

2 656 people


humid subtropical




Why they?

The Oni area is rich in cultural attractions and natural diversity. Here are important fortresses and temples from different periods, you will find pre-Christian Bronze Age palaces, the remains of a megalithic fortress and medieval churches. Especially famous is the monument of the 11th century, uniquely decorated with bas-reliefs by Mravaldzali. In the village of Kvashkhieti there is a cyclopean ruins of a fortress, it is necessary to note this monument, because there is no information about cyclopean fortresses in western Georgia. Also interestingly built monument in the 19th century is the Oni Synagogue, which is currently dormant, and a medieval wall.

In Oni there is a museum of local lore, which stores archaeological materials from the Stone Age to the late feudal period. These include: a bronze sculpture of a sheep, Chvirul astral buckles, a bull bell, women’s jewelry, martial arts and labor tools and their segments; churches of the X-XI centuries. St. George and St. Troitsky and its architectural details and relief fragments, X-XIV centuries. signs of banknotes, the nature of ethnographic materials of the 19th century, a painting of the 20th century by famous Georgian artists and much more. Most of the exhibits belong to the Bronze Age. For its part, the Oni region is a distinguished region by nature. Here you can, in the resort, as having wonderful surroundings and health-improving holidays, also organize and organize trips full of adventures and unexpected experiences.

Many mountain lovers are attracted by alpine meadows, grandiose mountains and the Caucasian peaks, shimmering in blue, from a bottomless lake. There are many interesting paths to roam the glaciers and lakes.


The flight is carried out to the nearest airport in Georgia. They are a region of Georgia, which can be easily reached from anywhere in the country. Also, before sending, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


The total cost of living in Oni for two people with an average level of consumption in one month, excluding the cost of housing, does not differ much from other cities in this region.


Разнообразие гостиниц удовлетворит потребности как и обеспеченных постояльцев номерами в европейском стиле, так и менее состоятельных посетителей. Мы провели их анализ и постарались выбрать наиболее оптимальные с точки зрения соотношения цены и качества отели по различным критериям здесь


Lake Ujiro
Mount Khikhata
Lednik Buba
Saswano lakes



Traditional cuisine at home awaits you here. To feel the real spirit of the region, you must try the local food. Be sure to try - khavitsi, tskaldashmulu, kalakoda and many more goodies.


There are 4 ways to get from Oni to Tbilisi by the following modes of transport: taxi, train, bus or car


The municipality has a temperate humid climate with mild cold winters and long warm summers. The average annual temperature is 10 °C, the average temperature in January is 1 °C and in July it is 20.4 °C.