60.6 km²

total area

26 200 people


humid subtropical


Kvemo Kartli


Why Rustavi?

Although Rustavi is not included in the main tourist routes in Georgia, it is still worth devoting one day to visiting it. This city, one of the largest in the country, is completely different from the others. Rustavi is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the youngest cities.
The foundation of Rustavi dates back to the 5th-4th centuries BC, this is confirmed by archaeological excavations and chronicles of historians. The city played an important role in the life of Georgia for many centuries, until the 13th century, when it was finally defeated by the Mongols and ceased to exist.

The city is divided by Kura into two parts. On the left side is the old city, all the buildings of the Stalin era and the spirit of that time is still hovering, and the right side is Khrushchev and high-rise buildings of a later period, however, contrary to what one might imagine after reading these words, the new city looks fun, so how all the buildings on the main streets are painted in different bright colors.


The easiest way to get to Rustavi is from Tbilisi. Tbilisi airport is located half an hour drive from the city. There is no municipal transport, you can get to Rustavi by taxi, which will cost about $11. 2 times more time, but literally for $ 2 you can get to Rustavi through Tbilisi. Before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


The climate in Rustavi is temperate, in the coldest months in this Georgian city the air temperature does not rise above 6-8 °C. Already in April, the air begins to warm up rapidly, in April-May it is about + 19-22 ° C, and in summer - up to + 35 ° C. Thus, the best time to visit Rustavi is spring, early summer and early autumn when there is no extreme heat.


Are you looking for suitable accommodation in Rustavi? There are about 26 hotels here. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Rustavi International Motopark
Rustavi History Museum
Krtsanisi Park
Rustavi fortress



With cafes and restaurants in Rustavi, everything is rather modest. There is a lot of street food here - shawarma, khachapuri, etc., there are several khinkali in the city center, the prices there are about the same as in Tbilisi: khinkali from 0.50 GEL apiece and homemade wine from 3 GEL per liter jug. The most famous cafe is "Giorgiy", located on Central Square (former Lenin Square), but it is rather boring and unreasonably expensive. Not far from the bridge on Kostava Avenue there is a good beer bar.


The bus is the cheapest form of transportation around the city (less than 10 cents), but you can wait for the right number for a long time (opening hours are approximately from 7 am to 7 pm). However, at stops to help passengers, there is an electronic scoreboard that informs about the arrival time of the nearest numbers, and if you wait a long time, it is better to use a fixed-route taxi, which costs about 30 cents. However, even a taxi ride from one end of the city to the other is unlikely to cost you more than $5.


Perhaps shopping is limited to food and consumer goods. There are a couple of branches of Tbilisi boutiques, but in the capital the choice is much better. "Madagoni" and the network of supermarkets "Vegini", many medium and small shops, a bazaar where you can buy fresh meat, fish, poultry and, of course, delicious vegetables and fruits.