16.85 km²

total area

19 599 чел.

19 599 people

humid subtropical




Why Telavi?

The history of Telavi goes back many millennia, but the small town easily bears the burden of centuries. In the center you can see the fortress walls of the ancient city. Inside – built in the XVIII century. the palace of the Kakhetian king Erekle II, two court churches, a bathhouse and a tunnel. Now the buildings of the fortress house a historical museum and an art gallery. Around the medieval center, the city develops quite organically, its areas are united by green gardens, courtyards, shady squares, imperceptibly turning into fertile vineyards and fields, thanks to which the city exists. Outside of it, historical sites can be found everywhere. Among the fields and forests, there are many temples dating back to the 6th-17th centuries, and their wonderful iconostases, golden church utensils and bright frescoes testify to the inviolability of faith in their land and culture.


There is no direct flight to Telavi. You can get to Telavi from the Ortachala bus station; from the center of Tbilisi you can get to the bus station by taxi for 3-4 GEL. A more budgetary way is to get to the station. m. Isani and walk south; the bus station will be behind the bridge - about 1.5 km from Isani. Before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Telavi has been known since the 1st century AD. e., was an important trade center on the caravan route from the Middle East to Europe. In the 11th and from the 17th to the 18th centuries it was the capital of the Kakheti kingdom.


If everything was in order with the infrastructure in Telavi, it would have long ago become the flagship of the Kakhetian tourism industry, but there is no order in everything, and in the hotel business in particular. There are almost no small cheap private guesthouses in Telavi. On the other hand, several large elite-level hotels have appeared. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here





The appearance of the Georgian city of Telavi is not much different from other ancient cities. A harmonious combination of unique architecture and natural beauties gives ancient Telavi a special flavor.


The transport infrastructure of Telavi is similar to other cities in the vicinity. The city has a railway station connecting the city with Tbilisi. Developed road transport.


Particular attention in Telavi should be paid to the Telavi wine cellar - it was founded in 1915 by the entrepreneur Kokhtabeladeshvili (not far from Telavi). By introducing new achievements in production, Telavi Wine Cellar has become a successful enterprise. The company's products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Kazakhstan.