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Batumi. Sightseeing tour

2.5 - 3 hours
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20 people
Continuation of the excursion - tasting of Georgian wines


Acquaintance with Batumi or a sightseeing tour is rather a pleasant walk around the city: acquaintance or continuation of the story about the beautiful city on the Black Sea coast and surrounded by the Adjara Mountains!

On our walk, we show and tell the most “zest” to the portrait of this beautiful resort, traditions and legends that are passed down from generation to generation among the old residents of the city.

Oh, Batumi! You can come and play from year to year, you can tell a lot. But the essence of all the stories is that this city is transforming hourly, daily and annually, keeping its history and secrets, delighting Georgians and every year a larger number of visitors. And the most interesting thing: in any weather, at any time of the year!

In addition to the “highlight” for the portrait of a beautiful resort, we will give you passwords and attendances, discounts and the hottest places to visit, the most beautiful panoramic sites, the most delicious cafes and restaurants. And this excursion is an important place to start your vacation in Batumi.

And our excursion will end with a tasting of Georgian wines, cognac and chacha in the coziest and most wine marani of the city.

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gifts, bonuses, vouchers continuation of the excursion - tasting of Georgian wines and cognac incl.

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This is rather an informative walk through the majestic city by the sea – Batumi!

After enjoying the sun’s rays and sea baths, when the air is saturated with coolness and there is no heat, we will take a walk around the city in the company of our guide, learn the most interesting and intriguing, past, present and future, secular news and the very best places: where are delicious khachapuri, and where the best wine, insta-locations for photo shoots and much more.

We also give gifts on excursions: vouchers for visiting cafes and restaurants, wine tastings and discounts on excursions! Yes Yes! We have a lot of surprises during our walk! Therefore, we strongly recommend that you go with us on the first or second day of your arrival.

And with us, a walk around the city will not be just informative! This unhurried walk is interesting and useful, sometimes delicious! But what is cognitive and economical -100%!

If you want to sign up and passwords for the best events in the city, sites for photo shoots and panoramic filming, go for a walk with us!

We will introduce you to Batumi, from the time of Greek colonization to the present day, learn the secrets and history of Primorsky Boulevard, remember famous scientists, artists, poets and writers who came and went, lived, made discoveries, fell in love here – in Batumi. And, of course, whose names have remained and adorn the treasury of our city, region, Georgia.

And the meeting place cannot be changed – the Marine Station, the Dolphin statue.

Our route: from the Marine Station through the Miracles Square with legends, love stories. Next, let’s see the modern sights – the business cards of Batumi: Nino and Ali, the Alphabet Tower and others. Further – Primorsky Boulevard with a beautiful park, pl. May 6 and beyond Europe Square and Piazza.

We will also learn about the legendary Golden Fleece and the history of the beautiful Medea, admire the churches and temples, stop at the beautiful Piazza Square and then get to little Turkey with the Azizie Mosque.

Whoever wants, we can continue our excursion to tastings of Georgian wines!

If you want “zest” to the portrait of a beautiful resort – then join us, we are waiting for you on an excursion around Batumi! informative stories of the city and its townspeople, celebrities of the past and the present, who lived and lives, created or just had a rest in this beautiful city.

Continuation of our excursion to the tasting of Georgian wines in the very center of the city, in the most hospitable marani. We are invited to taste Georgian wines, brandy and chacha!


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