14 hours
Tour Type:
combined: auto-walking
Group size:
up to 20 people




Accompanied service

boating on the Abashi river (Martvili canyon) rafting 30-40 minutes along a mountain river horseback riding trekking


08:00 departure from Tbilisi

On the way, stop in the Gori region and stop for tea, coffee in Zestafoni

12:00 - 12:40 Martvili Monastery

13:00 - 14:15 - Martvili canyon walk and optional (15 GEL) boating along the canyon

14:30 -15: 00 Summer residence of Dadiani princes

15:10 - 16:20 Visiting the Megrelian family: a feast with lunch and wine

16:30 - 18:00 Hot springs

18:00 - 22:00 Tbilisi / Batumi road

Special offer


Do you want new impressions, new inspirations, emotions and just a great day and solitude with nature?

Then we want to introduce you to the region of Samegrelo in our excursion program “Charm of Megrelia: canyons, princely estates and hot springs!

Full day program with early departure and late return to Tbilisi. Optionally, this program is for 2 days (hotel in Martvili) and the possibility of moving to Batumi.

What is attractive about the Samegrelo region and what will be in our program?

The ancient Colchis kingdom, the land of fruits, nuts and corn, the homeland of satsivi and suluguni, elardzhi, gebzhaliya! Mingrelians even have their own khachapuri – in Mingrelian style! And not only! Mingrelians speak their very ancient Mingrelian language! It is clear that Megrelia has its own history, albeit closely intertwined with the history of Georgia.

They mainly go to Samegrelo or Megrelia to see the Martvili canyon – the TOP from the TOP that they advertise and visit in Georgia in this region. But this is the smallest thing to see in Megrelia!

So, what is in our program for 1 day:

Martvili Monastery Chkondidi (VII century): even if you are indifferent to history and religion, this place is worth a visit – the territory of the monastery offers picturesque views of the surroundings and a great place for beautiful photos. And the temple itself keeps the history of centuries, and the carvings on the walls and skillful chasing on the doors of the monastery are just a delight!

Further, the pre-climax moment of the excursion and the main goal – Martvili canyon. Of course, this canyon is heard by everyone: both locals and guests of the country! Many people strive here to see this miracle of nature. But it is too much to write here – you have to see!

And in order to get a better look at the canyon, we recommend a 40-60 minute boat ride deep into the canyon along the Abashi river, so that in the sun’s rays you can see all the colors of the rainbow that floods the canyon. (Additional fee 15 GEL) Of course, this is the highlight of Martvili canyon – boating to the waterfalls. Inflatable boats, life jackets and helmets at the pier hint at rafting, but the descent down Martvili Canyon is a pleasant easy walk, and the equipment is just a standard belay system. The length of the route along the river is about 1 km, and the rafting together with photo stops takes about 30 minutes.

For those who do not want a boat trip or those who have already rode along the picturesque canyon, you can see the most beautiful cascades of waterfalls, around which there are convenient paths, bridges, as well as observation platforms where you can take excellent pictures for memory.

It is simply impossible to be in Megrelia and not look into the summer residence of the Megrelian princes! The princely family of Dadiani in the village of Salkhino on the banks of the Tsachkhura River chose these places for a reason! Salkhino Palace, currently the residence of Patriarch Martvili, is an important monument of the Martvili tourist zone. The complex includes: a palace, a church named after St. George at the Dadiani court, a large alley in an open field, of sycamore and boxwood groves, as well as a park with chairs for relaxation. Therefore, strolling through the beautiful park, taking a super photo for memory, seeing the palace is a great time to get ready for the culmination of the program!

And the culmination is already very close – hospitable Megrelian ODOS_WINERY with hospitable and cordial hosts have already laid the table for us and are waiting for us. And lunch will be – a real Megrelian feast with Megrelian dishes and wines.

And that’s not all! After a delicious lunch at the @tabernegroup law, rest! And what a rest without impressions! From early spring to late autumn, we still swim! You can stay in ODOS_WINERY and swim in the river: or you can go with us to another super location of the tour – hot springs, hot sulfur springs on the banks of the Tehuri River. This water has a high content of hydrogen sulfide, there are some minerals that crystallize and form white deposits. Despite the hot springs, in the pebble “pools” formed in the river valley, the water is already at an acceptable temperature. Here you can lie and meditate on the opposite rocky bank of the river and recharge with the energy of health and happiness.

Well enough for one day! And for those who decide to stay in these parts for the night or for several days, there will also be an additional program.

But this is a different excursion!


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