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Why Batumi?

A trip to the capital of Adjara can be described, in one word, “holiday”. Here tourists are waiting for the Black Sea, mountains, a lot of wine, gastro travel and bright architecture attractions.

To visit Batumi means to remember your summer vacation forever. A small but famous city has long turned into a world-class resort and every summer seeks to give us a lot of pleasure. Here are clean pebble beaches, a whole boulevard of entertainment, original cozy restaurants with national cuisine so rich in spices and healthy calories. The unique climate of the Eastern Black Sea region, the romance of the port coast, the crazy Caucasian flavor at every step – that’s what attracts us to beautiful Batumi.

On June 15, Sakartvelo (the self-name of Georgia) opened the tourist season. Actually, Georgia is an excellent choice for a holiday in any season. But in the summer in Batumi we can arrange a mix of sightseeing and beach holidays. And we have collected at least 5 more main reasons to devote your vacation this summer to the Caucasian coast.


Batumi International Airport with a modern terminal provides high-quality service for airliners of any type. Travel restrictions apply for this region Before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Average check in Batumi restaurants for two The cost of lunch / dinner in a restaurant for two will cost you approximately 50-150 GEL Two Adjarian khachapuris with lemonade 25-35 GEL. Khinkali for two with lemonade and summer salad 20-30 GEL. Housing prices in Batumi depend on the season, distance from the sea, the availability of amenities in the room or in the apartment; in the off season, the cost of housing is much lower. Already in May, housing prices rise, the peak of prices falls on the month of August.


Finding a good accommodation or hotel, if you don’t know the city at all, is not so easy. I want it to be as close as possible to the metro and the main attractions, inexpensive and at the same time of high quality. We analyzed Batumi hotels and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Europe Square
Dancing Fountains in Batumi
wonder park
Batumi Dolphinarium



One of the features of Batumi is a large number of cafes and restaurants, where dishes of national, European or Asian cuisine are prepared for visitors with love and impeccable culinary skills. Batumi restaurants prepare delicious khachapuri, fragrant khinkali and serve homemade tart wine. The city has many establishments with different cuisine and different price categories. There are luxurious restaurants, cafes with affordable prices, snack bars and khinkali where you can eat inexpensively and tasty. As tourists note, in most restaurants the ratio of cost and quality is optimal.


Public transport in Batumi, as well as transport in Tbilisi, is represented by 2 types: large comfortable buses and minibuses, which are called "minibuses". How they differ is described below, and we will consider one of these differences now - the payment method. So, in minibuses, the passenger pays for the fare only in cash to the driver. In buses - only with a special transport card, we will tell you more about it. Batumi travel plastic card is called Batumi Card. It costs 2 lari ($ 0.7), this amount is immediately credited to the account.


Batumi cannot be called a shopping center even within Georgia. For clothes and shoes, it is better to go to Tbilisi - there you can find things from interesting Georgian designers, but in Batumi they sell mostly the same things as in Russian shopping centers, as well as many inexpensive clothes from Turkey. But shopping with a national flavor here will definitely be pleasant: it is worth bringing souvenirs from Batumi, inexpensive local and Turkish gold, the famous Minankari cloisonne enamel, as well as all kinds of gastronomy: cheese, churchkhela, wine and chacha.