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Why Sarpi?

Not everyone likes the “noisy” and “crammed” beaches of Batumi, someone wants peace, tranquility and good rest with a view of the mountains and, for example, a mosque. Yes, yes, don’t be surprised. There is such a place in Georgia. The village is located right on the border of two countries – Georgia on the one hand, and Turkey on the other. It is remarkable only, perhaps, for a couple of sights: a small church of St. Andrew the First-Called and a waterfall with a statue of the Saint directly mentioned above. By the way, both buildings have been adorned in Sarpi since relatively recently, since 2008. The village is small, with less than 1,000 indigenous people living in it (approximately 850). According to some data, during the Soviet Union, it was inaccessible not only for tourists, but also for locals who did not live in Sarpi. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the territory of the settlement, in addition to the bizarre customs building, in fact, there is nothing interesting.


The flight is carried out to the nearest airport in Georgia - Batumi. Here, too, everything is simple. From Batumi to Sarpi there is a bus and several minibuses. Also, before sending, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


There are street cafes and restaurants in the village, but the prices for food in the border Sarpi are noticeably higher than in Batumi. The average check for two is from 30 GEL. Mineral water and chocolate are sold at almost twice the price. For dishes and wine you will pay 2-4 GEL more than in the city.


Now in Sarpi (Georgia) there are several hotels and guest houses, most of which are owned by residents. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels / hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Orthodox church
Waterfall and monument to St. Andrew the First-Called
Unusual border crossing
Sarpi beach



Swimming in the sea starts from the end of May - beginning of June. The most comfortable temperature of sea water is +25...+27°С in July, August and in the first half of September. The beach season ends at the end of October, but some vacationers are happy to swim in Sarpi in early November.


It’s really possible to walk to Sarpi beach from Kvariati, it’s about 5 kilometers there. But the road goes along the highway, which is not very pleasant. This is an option for extreme people and those who are desperate to wait for a bus. If you have an extra 20 GEL, you can take a taxi. There are a lot of private cabbies all over Batumi, if you know how to bargain, the driver will probably throw off a few lari.


Georgia and Adjara cannot boast of beaches with rocks coming right to the water. Therefore, Sarpi is popular among many vacationers, because here is almost the only beach rock in the country. Young people often jump into the sea from it, and older people climb up to sunbathe.