712 km²

total area

27 546 people


humid subtropical




Why Kobuleti?

Kobuleti is a fabulous corner in Adjara, Georgia. Paradise climate, picturesque mountains, warm sea, clean beaches, unique ancient sights make it incredibly attractive for tourist travel. In 2018, Kobuleti received 8.7 million guests from abroad. This is 14% more than in 2017.

The name of the city of Kobuleti in Georgian means “pen for sheep”. Probably, once here, on the Colchis lowland, flocks of sheep grazed. Excavations in the Kobuleti peat bogs confirm that there was a settlement of the Gurians on this site 5-3 thousand years BC. e. Before the revolution, the district was called “General’s”, as the best areas were built up with dachas of the tsarist generals.

For a long time, Kobuleti was a small provincial village. The construction of a sanatorium infrastructure that began in the Soviet era made it a prestigious Adjarian resort. The general’s dachas were rebuilt as dachas of the party nomenclature, hotels, hotel complexes and sanatoriums.

Kobuleti acquired the status of the city in 1944. Today it is the second largest city of Adjara after Batumi. Its length along the coast is 10 km. The distance to Batumi is 25 km.


Planes do not fly in Kobuleti. You can fly to Batumi or Tbilisi. From Batumi to Kobuleti can be reached by train, it's only 29 km, minibus or taxi. It takes only 40 minutes to travel by shuttle bus. Also, before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Prices in Kobuleti and Batumi are practically the same. The average check in a restaurant for two is 20-25 GEL. Adjarian khachapuri costs 7-12 lari, khinkali - 0.5-1 lari each. Draft wine is sold at the market for 5 lari per 1 liter.


Kobuleti competes with Batumi in the tourism business. There are almost the same number of hotels, resorts, guest houses. At the same time, there are much fewer visitors, and prices are much lower. "Budget Batumi" is called Kobuleti. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Amusement park "Tsitsinatela"
Petra Fortress
Kobuleti Beach
Kintrishi National Park



Georgian cuisine is a separate type of tourism. In Georgia, a tasting type of excursions has been developed both for winemaking and for studying national dishes. Kobuleti is no exception, here you can have an excellent, inexpensive meal. The prices are low and the quality of the food is high. Since private tourism business is developed in Kobuleti, the number of restaurants, bars, eateries, cafes will pleasantly surprise anyone with its variety, quality and quantity of food per serving. Fruits can be purchased at the market of the city - here the choice is limitless.


There are only three streets of incredible length parallel to the sea in the city. The numbering of houses reaches 1000. Basically, fixed-route taxis go around the city. There are also buses. Many prefer to use a taxi. In the 1990s of the last century, they were going to launch a trolleybus, but this project remained on paper. Most vacationers, unless they go on an excursion outside the city, prefer walking along the embankment street, along the 10-kilometer beach.


Kobuleti, whose sights you want to remember for a long time, taking souvenirs with you, offers good shopping. In chain supermarkets you can buy food, household items. There are several markets in the city, along the beach there are shopping alleys selling souvenirs, sweets, fruits, clothes and shoes.