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Why Ureki?

Ureki is a very small village, almost a village, on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The resort is known for its dark gray magnetic sands, which have healing properties. Thanks to the sands of Ureki, it became famous, there used to be sanatoriums here, and now thousands of tourists come every summer. I advise you to visit the village at least for the sake of interest.

The popularity of the resort was brought not only and not so much by the healing properties of the sands, but by their very presence. Ureki Beach is the only such large one in the whole country, completely covered with sand. That is why tourists from all over Georgia are striving here. If you are going to Ureki, it will not hurt to learn more about this resort. We will talk about it today, but we will start, according to tradition, with history.


The flight is carried out to the nearest airport in Georgia - Batumi. Ureki is a resort on the Black Sea in Georgia, 50 km north of Batumi. Also, before sending, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Ureki is one of the stops on the highway that leads from Batumi to Borjomi, Kutaisi and Tbilisi, thanks to which the city can be reached by almost any transport that follows this direction.


With the growing popularity of the resort, hotels began to be actively built here. In Ureki, prices for hotels and hotels by the sea are lower than in large resorts on the coast, and the choice is large. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels / hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


Ureki beach
magnetic sands
Amusement Park Tsitsinatela



If you are relaxing in Urek in a hotel with food, then you are unlikely to go somewhere to eat, although ... it’s still worth visiting a cafe at least once in order to try Georgian cuisine, which the hotel does not serve. Most of the cafes and small restaurants are concentrated along the main, central road of the village of Ureki.


The ideal option for the swimming season in Ureki will be the period from the end of May to mid-October, at which time the water temperature is from +20 degrees, which is already quite acceptable. To enjoy all the beauties and surrounding nature of the city, you can come here in the summer months, during the day the temperature here fluctuates around +25 - +28 degrees, there is practically no rain, and the number of visiting tourists will allow you to easily find the right place on the beach and free streets in the city .


Black sands and sands with magnetic properties are not particularly unique phenomena in themselves. Dark color is found on the beaches of Costa Rica, the Philippines, Nicaragua. Magnetic sands are treated in Kamchatka and Bulgaria, there are also resorts in the south of Ukraine. But such a combination of magnetic properties and dark gray color is unique, and not only for Georgia, but for the whole world!