720 km²

total area

1 184 818 people


humid subtropical


455 лет назад


Why Poti?

The city of Poti is often called the sea gate of Georgia. This title is confirmed by numerous merchant ships moored in orderly rows at the pier of its port. The strategic position played, unfortunately, a key role in the fact that the city has practically not preserved any significant historical sights. But Poti was built on the site of Phasis, one of the oldest Greek colonies. And still, a special atmosphere reigns here: the sleepy life of a small town shakes from time to time from the grinding of port cranes, and the smell of the sea mixes with the aromas of coffee from cute restaurants. Here you can not only walk along the streets – outside the city there are several good beaches and the picturesque lake Paliastomi.


The most convenient way to get to Poti is by plane via Batumi or Kutaisi. The journey from Batumi will take about an hour, from Kutaisi two hours. Also, before departure, you must provide a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Total cost of living in Poti for two people with an average consumption level for one month, excluding housing costs differs from the same Batumi and will pleasantly please you.


Basically, hotels in Poti are “starless”, solid, but the price-quality ratio is respected. The prices will pleasantly surprise you. Therefore, hostels are not needed, probably, there are none in the city. We analyzed them and tried to choose the most optimal hotels in terms of price-quality ratio according to various criteria here


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Lake Paliastomi
Poti tower



In the establishments of Poti, the food is delicious and inexpensive - there are few tourists here, and the city itself is not very rich compared to the same Batumi. Restaurants with Georgian cuisine predominate, offering "chashushuli" (veal with tomato), Mingrelian kupaty, "khashlama" (meat with vegetables in its own juice).


Public transport in Poti is buses and minibuses connecting the city districts and the suburbs, including the resort Ureki. Bicycles can only be rented in small family hotels - there is no municipal rental. Parking is free throughout the city.


Rest in Poti Georgia will be more interesting for its surroundings than for itself. If you move towards the south of the city of Poti to the Grigoleti section, you can easily find deserted beaches, flatter than in the rest of Georgia but pleasant, for travelers with tents the best place to stay and spend the night. Rest in Poti on these beaches will also be pleasant with its magnetism, of course, it cannot be compared with Ureki, but there are almost no tourists here, the sand itself is darkish and there are no pebbles.