4,425 km²

total area

4 425 people


humid subtropical


Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti.


Why Martvili?

Waterfalls, national parks, caves and monasteries are almost the same. But there is a place in Batumi that will amaze you with its beauty. Where else can you get into a boat and sail along the calm, quiet water surface of a wide canyon framed by all kinds of greenery? A visit to the Martvili Canyon in Batumi will leave an indelible impression.

The Martvili Canyon owes its appearance to the Abasha River, which washed the passages in the limestone rock. As a result, the attraction attracts an increasing number of tourists.

Martvili Canyon is divided into two parts – Upper and Lower. Oddly enough, people go boating along the Upper, and just walk along the Lower. Getting to the right place is not difficult, since signs are placed on the territory. True, only in English. You will go to the left, you will get to the hiking trail with observation platforms. You will go to the right, you will come to the boats.


The flight is carried out to the nearest airport in Georgia. Also, before sending, you need a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19


Ticket price: adults 15.25 GEL; Students and children 5.5GEL; Ride in a boat 15 gels; Visit to the top of the canyon 13 GEL; Visit to the bottom of the canyon 15 GEL. Also, on the territory of the reserve you can hold a wedding ceremony for 100 GEL.


You can get to Martvili by minibus, taxi, own car or passing transport. You can get from Kutaisi and Zugdidi by minibuses, there are no direct routes from Batumi, we will select for you tour.


Martvili Canyon
Martvili Monastery
Martvili Waterfalls
Cableway Martvili



There are two restaurants at the entrance to the territory of the Martvili Canyon. Delicious food, good service.


Boating is the main highlight of your stay in the Martvili Canyon. The canyon tour is not rafting, so you don’t need to worry about getting wet - the water is very quiet, but cold. It is also very problematic to fall off the pier.

Waterfalls in Martvili

The bottom of the canyon is just as interesting as the top. There are cascading waterfalls of amazing beauty and comfortable viewing platforms. It is possible to wet your hands in the water of the waterfall. There are a couple of bridges on the territory of the canyon, the paths are lined with stone and have comfortable handrails - everything to make you feel comfortable.