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Imeretian sketches: Kutaisi with Sataplia.

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with a visit to Sataplia


Going to rest in Georgia, you were certainly interested in what is important to see and where you should definitely go?

In the excursion “Imeretian Sketches: Back in the Past,” there are collected shrines “must-see” and the unique reserved territory of Sataplia, which is included in the TOP-10 natural interesting objects for tourists to visit in Georgia.

This is a program to Imereti – the western region of Georgia, surrounded on all sides by the most beautiful mountain ranges, hidden in the green of relict forests, educational and interesting for children. After all, children are especially interested in exploring ancient dinosaur footprints and watching the recreated dinosaurs that are hiding from visitors. And the karst cave in Sataplia, although inferior to its sister (the more famous Prometheus cave, but believe me, it is no less beautiful.

Lunch is included in our excursion. After all, being in Imereti and not treating yourself to the most famous Imeretian khachapuri and dishes of Imeretian cuisine is simply a crime! And what about Imeretian wines? In general, lunch is on schedule!

Let’s explore Georgia!

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Price incl. entrance tickets and a delicious lunch. Additionally: personal expenses Recommended: comfortable sports shoes

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Sun, sea, delicious cuisine and that’s it? Don’t you want to see another Georgia! Not only Batumi, not only Adjara?

“Imereti. Kutaisi: Back to the Past ”will introduce us to the region of western Georgia – Imereti, its capital – Kutaisi.

What is so attractive about this region and what is interesting in our excursion?

Imereti is a country of relict forests, beautiful waterfalls, temples and fortresses of antiquity, mysterious caves and reserves that have preserved traces of ancient reptiles. Of course, this is a region of delicious Imeretian cuisine with its famous Imeretian khachapuri and unique Imeretian wines.

We cannot but show you this corner. And of course, we have selected the best that you should definitely show you.

Moving from Batumi with stops along the road will not be tiresome. We will not get bored: an interesting story of the guide, legends and songs – time will fly by. And we are in Kutaisi – the capital of the Imeretian kingdom in the past and the second largest and most important city in modern Georgia.

There are few main attractions in Kutaisi itself: we will show and tell you about the parks and the White Bridge, we will pass through David Agmashenebeli Square and see the famous Colchis fountain and others. But this is not the purpose of our excursion.

In the Kutaisi district there are famous shrines that cannot be ignored: Bagrati Cathedral, Motsameta Monastery with the burials of Imeretian princes killed by the conquerors, stretching over a picturesque canyon and Gelati Monastery, from the observation deck of which you can see the whole of Kutaisi. Of course, you can read about these sights, but you need to see them in order to feel their greatness and power with your soul.

While enjoying the spiritual heritage, we will not forget for one minute that we are in Imereti, where the main thing is the unique and beautiful nature, with relict forests, rivers and natural springs. They are also the most famous caves and protected areas.

Today we will visit the Sataplia reserve, which is known primarily for the preserved traces of dinosaurs, which were discovered in the 30s of the last century by the local teacher Petr Chabukiani. The footprints are located on a piece of limestone rock – for a long time they were open to all winds, but in 2010 a protective pavilion was erected over the footprints. This was the beginning of Sataplia, which is known to tourists who came to Georgia. We, accompanied by a guide, examine the tracks, and then visit the improvised Jurassic Park (life-size figures of various prehistoric dinosaurs), then to the Bee Cliff and through a karst cave to the Crystal Bridge observation deck. We have time for a walk through the relict Colchis forest.

We sincerely recommend a must-see excursion – unforgettable moments, impressions and sensations. And most importantly, the unforgettable taste of Imeretian cuisine, enhanced by fine Imeretian wine.

Interesting for children 5+.


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