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Mountainous Adjara (Makhuntseti) “Chalice of Love” or “Secrets of Queen Tamar”.

7 hours
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Group size:
5 - 18 people


Mountainous Adjara “Chalice of Love” is one of the most popular excursions for those who, having come to Batumi on a beach vacation, suddenly decide to take a short look and get to know the surroundings. And to be in Adjara and not look into its mysterious world of the mountainous region, the beauty of which since ancient times has captivated the traveler’s heart with beautiful powerful waterfalls, fast mountain rivers, ancient man-made arched bridges, fortresses and temples!

Short in time, uncomplicated along the route passing through the most beautiful corners of the region, mouth-watering, heady – Mountainous Adjara – Makhuntseti – a cup of love.

This excursion is well combined with rafting on a mountain river

Join us!

10:00 departure:

Accompanied service

presents you can continue at the Tasting of Georgian Wines and Cognac (additional payment of $ 5)


11:00 Collection of tourists, parking of the Aqualand hotel. On the way we collect tourists from Gonio, Kvariati, Sarpi.

11:10 Gonio Fortress (45-50 minutes to explore). There are amenities

12:20 Stop for an hour for swimming in the clear sea on the beaches of Sarpi. If the weather does not allow swimming, we will swim in a mountain stream on the way back (only on the flight). For those who do not want to swim, there is an opportunity to walk around the resort border town of Sarpi, visit shops

13:10 Stop for a photo at the observation deck, from where a beautiful view of the confluence of two mountain rivers opens up: the muddy waters of the Chorokhi River meet with the clear water of the Adjaristskali River. Here you always get the most beautiful photos!

14:30 Our walk through the fortress and swimming in the sea allowed us to work up an appetite! And before lunch we will have a tasting of Georgian wines.

15:00 Lunch and rest

17:00 Return to Batumi

Special offer


One of the excursions in the heart of the wild Mountainous Adjara, which will introduce us to the world of wild nature lost in the mountainous regions. This is an excellent excursion for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on excursions, but having pretty much satiated themselves with the beach and the sun, thought: what else is there?

And here without options – an excursion to Mountainous Adjara is recommended.

By the way, all the locations that we will look at in the program are not far from one another! And not far from Batumi. We will walk quite a bit from one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Makhuntseti, which is located near the village of the same name, to the ancient arched bridge of Makhuntseti over the Adjaristskali river or the bridge of Queen Tamar – one of a dozen that have survived to this day.

We will walk along the mountain trails, enjoying the sound of the falling water and breathing in the crystal clear mountain air.

Well, let’s spice up our excursion with delicious tasty Georgian food with a glass of Georgian wine!

We recommend: late departure from Batumi, short in time and along the route, rich in visited places, appetizing and memorable…. Let’s travel!

The program includes tasting of Guzin wines and cognac.

Important: clothes for the weather and season, comfortable shoes are required

Swimming in the sea and mountain rivers is possible in the program: please have bathing accessories, headwear, sun protection.

It is possible to join tourists from the neighboring resorts of Batumi: Kobuleti, Sarpi, Kvariati, etc. (Needs agreement with the company, additional payment for joining the group is possible)

During the excursion, adjustments along the route are possible depending on weather conditions and other force majeure situations

Children 5+ will be interested


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